Marcellin Past and Present Mothers

Marcellin College Past and Present Mothers

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As a Marist School, Marcellin College is steeped in the Marian Tradition. Mary is our good mother who guides us, supports us and loves us unconditionally as only a mother can. Our mothers here at Marcellin have always occupied a special place in our College. Over the past 68 years, the Mothers of Marcellin boys have given generously of their time and talents in support of their sons and the College more broadly.

One of the most significant events in our year is our Past and Present Mothers Luncheon ,where we come together to acknowledge and celebrate all that the mothers of Marcellin have done for us. It is also a great time for mothers to catch up with each other and build or renew relationships. 

As you would be aware, we celebrate this event in August each year, close to the Feast of the Assumption of Mary. The Marcellin Foundation Office staff, Chris Mirabella, Prue O'Shannessy, and Lisa Gillies, work closely with past mums to ensure a memorable and enjoyable day is had by all.

They are also looking at innovative ways to enhance the past and present mums network beyond just our annual luncheon event, with the aim of providing more opportunities for the mothers of Marcellin to connect and get to know each other.

Maintaining our contact list is an important priority to ensure that we have an inclusive event. If you feel you could provide details of people who may not be aware of this event, can I encourage you to contact Lisa or Prue at the Foundation Office. They are very keen to add your email address' to their records so they can give you more timely information as the event approaches.

Their contact details are:

Ph: +61 3 9851 1464
Ph: +61 451 168 655

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I thank you for your continued support of our great College.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Murphy