Marcellin Past and Present Mothers

Marcellin College Past and Present Mothers

Past and Present Mothers Lunch

The annual Past and Present Mothers Lunch was held on Monday August 22nd.
Once again it was lovely to welcome back to the school many of our past Mums who have been coming to this event for many years (and indeed some of them were the original organisers of it!).
As well we were very happy to welcome many of our current mothers and especially new Year 7 Mums. We also had a table of ‘outgoing’ Year 12 Mums who have promised to return as Past Mothers in 2017.
The day began with Mass celebrated by Father Mario Zammit. A very special service with many participants and a great contribution from Fiona Dyball and the Champagnat Choir. The service was very well received and we would like to thank Fr Mario and the Choir for leading us in our worship.
The Mums then headed into the Functions Room where they were welcomed with a glass of champagne. Much conversation and catching up then began!....

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